What do you mean by Home content insurance?

Everyone is in search of a home. And particularly if you are living outside of your home town, a home would be the most desirable thing one can ever have. Yes own home is obviously a blessing on earth. In your own home it’s a package full of memories. Time you spend at your own home with your family is no doubt unforgettable. In Dubai where property rates are talking to sky how one can even imagine to have his/her own home. And if someone is working in a well reputed organization, for sure he can take this opportunity and then the next level starts. It is our main topic. If you have your own home, you should really think about for home insurance policy along with content inside the home. In simple words it would be called as a home content insurance. It is pretty necessary from natural or unnatural threats in future to your home. I mean situations like fire, earthquake or destruction of house due to unsuitable climate change that is common in Dubai.

Who could buy a home content insurance policy?

In Dubai, sometimes ago it was a perception in public that home insurance policy can only be bought by a home owner but is not true. Anyone can buy take a home insurance plan whether an owner of a home or a person who is on rent. I will tell you an example of my relative who live in Dubai in an apartment that was on rent. His story is very interesting as how he saved himself from financial crisis through a home insurance policy. He was living in that apartment from last year and after his new contract was to start on very next of the month, a disastrous fire due to the gas leakage overcome furniture and other appliances worth AED 10000. Luckily he had a home content insurance policy. That’s why he could manage to get back to his normal life again without facing any serious financial pressure.
So it is not necessary that only house owners can avail home insurance. As house for sure belong to the owner but the content and appliances inside the home belong to the person on rent. So in my opinion if you are an expat then it does not matter you are renter or owner, home insurance policy must be at top in your priority list.
Benefits from home content insurance policy

Although home insurance policy is necessary for all people living in Dubai. But one plus point is that top insurance companies and best banks of Dubai at the same time provide you attractive benefits on these services. These discounts and benefits are actually to compensate your expenses and also to catch you people towards this responsible duty that is actually for you. Well following are the benefits and perks being provided by top bank of Dubai –
1.       It covers the cost of almost all type of content and appliance present in a home.
2.       Your assets present in your home whether a content belongs to your emotions and or it has some historical background, this type of policy covers the cost from mis-happening to all type of things.
3.        There is also an amazing factor that is home content insurance policy is quite available at lower premium rates in comparison to other insurance policies.
Is there any best option than Mashreq bank policy?

As there is very hard and tough competition between top insurance companies and top Dubai banks, still we can evaluate these institutions in an order. If we see which bank is best suited for a home insurance claim easily, I conclude that Mashreq Bank of Dubai is at the top of the list. Although there is a deadline and in that time period you have to file your claim. Most of the banks provide you a time period of a week. But Mashreq bank is the only bank offers 2 weeks’ time for this purpose. Through an email or a SMS, you can file your claim. The digitalize system of Mashreq bank is very fast and will inform you within an hour. So that’s why I suggest you to approach Mashreq Bank for this purpose.