Ultimate Ways Of How Push Notification for Blogs Can Place You At The Top And Earn More With Adsense Read On



Growing email list is one of the best ways of winning more subscribers for your blog and getting more viewers daily. But there is another excellent way of doing the same thing. This excellent way will help you quickly grow your list of subscribers. This excellent way is ‘Push Notification‘ which can be displayed in a visitor’s browser even when the visitors are not visiting your website.

All latest version of chrome, Microsoft, Firefox and others are equipped and enabled to show Push Notification.

All must have watched when we browse the net sometimes few websites show a notification informing us that they would like to send ‘Push Notification’ which may look like this:



When we click allow we give permission to the sender to send in the browser real time notification about anything like latest news, latest gossip, viral videos, special offers and many more. One permission is given notifications continue to pour in the browser.


  • It’s very easy to set up with tools available in Websites like PushEngage or PushCrew

  • Very easy to increase the number of subscribers and get more viewers.

  • Highly effective in raising CTR(Click Through Rate)than email list.

  • It’s very easy to send alert messages quickly and possible to deliver highly useful messages to subscribers.

  • It’s very cheap and doesn’t require all time attention and engagements.


  • It’s not possible to send customized and personalized notifications to each and every subscriber.

  • It’s difficult to integrate tracking data when the list of subscribers continue to grow and become large

  • When the list grows too long it may be impossible to attend personal queries by subscribers.

Now let’s see how to get started with Push Notification

To get started with Push Notification you need a ‘Push Notification Provider’ like like PushEngage or PushCrew. Although some popular providers are equipped with WordPress plugin but for the best result you have to manually include a ‘Java Script’ in the html of your blog, supplied by the provider after signing up.  

In my next article I shall discuss how to start your ‘Push Notification Campaign’ after signing up with PushEngage or PushCrew.



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