The Hidden Mystery Behind Top 3 Risk Factors In Forex Market You Must Be Careful About

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risk calculator forex
risk calculator forex



When you are a newbie in this market there are a lot of things you must be careful about and must understand. Knowing these factors well is part of ‘Forex Risk Management’. A trader runs the risk of losing everything if he/she doesn’t pay attention to these grave factors. I am sure, you don’t want to be part of them. Therefore, go through the the underlines factors carefully and try to understand its gravity.


Forex market evolves around varied opinions of thousands probably millions of traders and brokers. The way various traders regard to be safe and proper must vary as this is the basic of psychology. Besides, there are are a number of other factors – political, economical, geographical etc. 

When entering the market for the first time, of course after completing a ‘training course’ ask yourself “Have I gained enough knowledge about the market?” “Am I really 100% competent to enter the market?” 

Watch your performance for the next 15 days to 30 days. Are you on the positive side or negative list losing your precious funds?

If you are in the positive side then carry on, try to gain more experience but may God forbid if you are on the negative list, just think again whether you should remain in this market or leave it for good.

A lot of people are out there to give you tips, a lot of automated software are there with ‘no-loss all-profit’ guarantee but remember it’s who take the final decision. 

Factor No:2 Broker :-

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Just bear in mind your broker earns a commission when traders place a lot of orders with him/her. Your brokers is really sincere but still when you lose funds in a particular deal, he/she won’t suffer, it’s you who will suffer. The main thing your brokers is interested is your spreads, the bigger they are the better the situation is in the favor of your broker. 

Factor No:3 ‘YOURSELF’ :-

Market of currency trading runs based on emotions of innumerable number of traders and a lot of other factors. Emotion is the first and last enemy of all traders – never let it carry away yourself with it. Be practical, alert and conscious. So, never get carried away with a rumour just stick to your unique strategy, believe in it and carry on.