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Reasons why people write blogs may differ from person to person but one thing is common for all. That is, all want their posts be read by thousands if not by lacs in the beginning. When your goal is achieved you may prefer to write more and get more attention. Another side of the fact is that you may earn quite a fair amount by doing so. I think, there are only a very small number of persons who are averse to earning from their writings.

There are two parts of a blog – One is to create an effective blog and the other is drawing traffic to your blog. If you really aspire for making a strong readership base for your blogs, you ought to be cautious about many a things – from ‘Header’ to ‘Contents’. 

The first thing viewers look at your posts is its ‘Title’ or ‘Header’. The headline or title plays a vital role in the success or failure of a blog. It’s the most crucial factor in the way of creating an impressive post. Catchy headlines easily attract attention of the viewers. A few points to remember to create an effective, brief and concise title :- 

  • It should be catchy, it must create a strong urge among the viewers to click the headline. The header must compel the visitors to click.
  • It must contain a primary keyword along with the brand name if any
  • Never write a title that is too short or too long (more than 70 characters in length)
  • The title should contain easily understandable, simple and popular keywords that clearly describe the subject your blog and make the viewer believe that the content is rich 
  • Use of  numbers make the headline more attractive like – 5 Ways To Learn Pregnancy Sex Effectively or 9 Secrets Will Make Your Awesome Foods For Awesome Sexual Stamina Look Amazing

Below is given a list of addresses where you can get your free & effective title generators and SEO friendly titles easily :- 


Hemingway title generator


Here, you can simply type the headline or title of your blog, you are thinking about your post and they will show you the strength, possible engagement score, impression score, make suggestions and point out the drawbacks. You can seek more help by contacting them. 


SEO Pressor title generator

Here, you are required to insert a few keywords of your title or header and select whether you want a generic term, a brand name, an event, an industry, a location, a person’s name or a skill and they will suggest a number of SEO friendly titles for you free of cost. You are bound to be astonished to see their list of suggestions. 


Impacbnd title generator


Here, you simply enter a few keywords of your blog and fill up your name and email address and they will send you a number of brilliant suggestions of the header of your posts, you will simply be astonished to go through.


Upworthy title generator

Here, you just continue to click generate another button and titles will continue to pour in designed for a number of situations. Choose the one most effective for you. 


Portent title generator

Here you are also required to enter some key words and they will generate a few suggestions. If the titles so generated are not liked by you just click the refresh and more suggestions will be created.



TweakYourBiz title generator

This is another great website that generates numerous sample titles for your blog as soon as you type the topic of your blog. These titles may work so well that a post with no or very little viewers may start attracting thousands of viewers daily. So, you may give it a try.

A Few Important Points About A Solid Content

#1) Introduction : An unique introduction in the beginning of the post not only tells what you are to talk about but also grows ample interest in the minds of the readers to continue with reading further and go to the main contents of the posts. Without a meaningful introduction the post may fail to grow interest and curiosity in the viewers and he/she may give up reading further.

When you are able to include an attractive heading and an excellent introduction that reflects the next stage of your subject and the readers are impressed, your half job is done. Now, the readers not only are ready to read till the last line but also make repeated comeback for further reading of your other articles. An introduction should neither be two short and no more than 5 to 6 lines.

#2) Main Content : The next part is an unique and wonderful content. Writing a great content is an art and cannot be obtained over night. It requires a lot of practice and reading. Your content should describe the subject or topic of your post, more elaborately, already mentioned in the introduction. The main points should be mentioned one by one and explained/discussed properly. Use of bullets, paragraph, subheading and bold & italic make create a positive impact on your visitors.

Your content should be original that is it must not be copied and pasted or stolen from other places. By doing so one not only violates copyright of some other person but also gets banned by Adsense if one is an Adsense Publisher. Google has started penalizing websites with copied contents.

Your article should be at least of 500 words otherwise you are likely to lose a number of visitors. I think, less than 500 words cannot explain a subject effectively. If you have got a number of posts/articles in your website, try to include a few posts of 1000 to 1500 words which will make your site richer. You may visit ‘Buzzfeed’ where you will come across a host of articles on numerous subjects – just go through them and you will certainly gain a practical experience about how an article should be made.



#3) Avoid Spelling And Grammatical Mistakes : This point must be carefully tackled. A silly spelling or grammatical mistake may ruin your blog completely and people will suspect if this is your original post at all. Before publishing your article :-

  • Proofread it a number of times for grammatical mistakes
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and if in doubt consult a reliable dictionary
  • Proofread for right use of comma, apostrophe, bracket, capital & small letters
  • While using idioms & phrase, it must be accurate and meaningful
#4) Use Of Images : Images speak a lot for your blog and enhance the user experience to a higher level. Unplanned use of images make no sense and must be avoided. All images used must be relevant to the topic of your article. It must also be ensured that no image is used with a copyright attached to it. There are a number of websites such as Flickr available online, where you can get ‘copyright free’ images and they may be safely used in your article.


Flickr images

#5) Useful Keywords : An article should also include a number of catchy keywords so that it gets a ranking in search engines such as google, yahoo, bing and others. You may have contributed a lot of hard work and time to your writing but if it doesn’t get a SEO ranking, you will never be successful. Keywords may be a single word or a group of words(phrase)  used to search about any thing in search engines. 

Technically a single word should be called a ‘keyword’ such as ‘restaurants’ but ‘top 10 restaurants in Mumbai‘ or ‘cosy restaurants in NewYork’ are also keywords. So, a group of words(phrase) may also be keywords. Keywords must be chosen carefully specially for the ‘Heading or Title’. 

Some keywords may get only a few clicks a day in top search engine like google while some keywords may get thousands of clicks a day. While selecting keywords it must kept in mind that they must be very common in nature used by the mass. A keyword is powerful enough to alter the search result altogether and some sites may be viewed several times while others only a few times for the same topic. You may go for Moz Keyword Difficulty And SERP Analysis Tool and know more about it.


Moz Keyword

#6) Link To Other Articles : A link to other interesting articles of your blog is very beneficial as it keeps the viewers engaged in your website/blog for a long time. Your blog should contain a number of interesting posts before doing this. Posting text links in a post make the blog look attractive. You are free to post the links either at the end of your post or in between paragraphs or both. When posting links, make sure :-

  • The links must not be in capital letters
  • The links text must contain a different color  such as blue
  • It appears attractive the text links also contain a hover color also
  • Posting 7 to 8 links in each page is not odd 
  • The link text should contain eye catching words that the viewers cannot ignore
#7) Design & Template : Needless to say, content should be strong enough and is of utmost importance. Still we must not forget that a website/blog with a strong content and an attractive design is most likely to draw better volume of traffic than a website with a strong content and a poor design. You may visit here to download free responsive WordPress Themes that suit almost any topic. Also pay attention to :-


WordPress Theme

  • Your template should be simple but attractive
  • It must not include a host of unnecessary widgets. Keep only essential widgets such as ‘Popular Posts’ or ‘Recent Posts’; Categories ; Search Button and ‘Related Posts’ at the bottom
  • Size of Font should be easy to read
  • Use bold, italic, underline, bullet, numbered list and break intelligently
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