Payment card – Getting to and around the city of Dubai

If you are a frequent traveler then payment card offered by top banks of Dubai are very beneficial for you. If we talk about the transport services especially air lines services, Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the primary airport serving the city of Dubai.  It is one of the most reliable and the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic. People from all over the world most often come and leave Dubai for their personal and commercial purposes. So if we see the structure of Dubai International Airport (DXB), it is located about 2.5 miles southeast of Dubai city center. Its distance from the main downtown area is little over 8 miles where the Burj Khalifa is located. As its location is very much suitable as it is situated in the mid of the city so getting from the airport to central Dubai is very easy from this airport. The airport has good public transport connections also with complete modern technological functions.
This is the beauty of Dubai that everything is under the systematic control and computerized. Outside terminal 1, there is a bus stop across the road to the right as you exit custom. Everything is managed in a highly well-organized way. If we see at terminal 3, there is a bus stop on the second level of the terminal and passengers can easily get exit from this terminal to the bus stop. It’s important to note that you cannot pay in cash. Yes this is the main point to understand that everything is processed through payment card method which is acceptable all over the Dubai. If you are to pay for the bus from the airport you have to use your payment card provided by top banks of Dubai. So you will need to buy a payment card, which is an electronic payment card that works by touch-and-go technology. Payment card provided by top banks of Dubai offers different types of services and come in four different colors, each with different access to modes and frequency of transport. If we see silver, blue, gold and red payment card are available in Dubai to utilize the traveling services inside and outside of the airport area. The silver payment card is the best option for those who want to travel regularly between different points in the airport area as well in the city of Dubai.
In addition, two fastest lines of the Dubai Metro travel between the airport and the city center. Beside this taxi services are a popular alternative but they are very much expensive. Now the thing that is important to understand that the payment method for transport charges are only can be done through a payment card.  While many hotels offer free shuttle transport from the airport. But in most of the cases you will have to manage these services before time or either by yourself. All major brands of car rentals are available at the airport as well. This is Dubai my friend and a city of lush life style. If you have money in your pocket you can buy anything and enjoy the beauty of Dubai.
When you will come to Dubai and after travelling once you’ve settled in to your hotel. Now you are ready after sometime to explore the Dubai region make sure that you have your payment card in your pocket because everting in dubai works on digital system from transport system to banking system. Now you’ll find that tourists usually choose to make their way through Dubai by taxi. It is expensive but comfortable and most suitable for everyone to explore Dubai. The privately owned taxis are the only ones allowed at the airport and you can get easy access to airport within minutes. But as I have mentioned earlier that rates are very high so you will have to agree on a fare before departing.
Services of Digital Banking

Top banks of Dubai especially Mashreq Digital Bank is one of the most reliable bank in Dubai for payment services. Beside this one can get any type of offer or a package through this bank in cheapest rates. It deals with all banking items like bank loan, life insurance and wealth management services for locals as well as for expatriates. But the condition is one have to open a bank account either current or a trading account.