Master The Art Of 15 Great Places You Can Learn About To Make Money From Writing With These 8 Tips

Blogging is one of the best effective ways of expressing your views or opinion and communicating with the people. With the advent of internet, smart phones and i-phones nobody is far from you. When people start reading your blogs and liking them, you become a well known personality and also earn money. The best part of writing blogs is that it may become a full time work for you and may reward you handsomely.

Writing is not all, writing must be effective and eye catching. Apart from this, you need a popular platform to publish your writing. In the beginning you may not have sufficient knowledge and experience to impress people with your writing but you may be sure to get it as time goes on and you continue with your effort of writing something excellent. Below are described 20 sites that pay you for articles/ reviews on various subjects. You may contact any or some of them.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #1) Hub Pages : Hub Pages require you to write useful and interesting topics on health, relationship, entertainment, fashion & beauty, games & toys, education & technology and many more. Once your writings are published, ads from Adsense, Hub Pages Ad programme start running on your posts. Based on the number of views and ad clicks the blogger starts earning. Minimum amount to request for a ‘cash out’ is  $50 for Hub Pages & $100 for Adsense. 


#2) Squidoo : Squidoo is another platform where you can publish your articles typically called lenses through their website and share them. When a lens is posted by you, ads of similar types and also on products sold via their affiliate programme such as Amazon, eBay start appearing around your writing. Whatever squidoo earns from your lenses 50 percent is payable to you via Paypal. 

#3) Helium : The good thing about Helium is that you choose your topic of writing and also write for their clients under their assignments. You earn when your articles are sold to publishers of websites A lot of manufacturers also need articles for the products they sell. One can also earn through their Ad sharing programme which is paid out based on the volume of traffic your articles bring to them. The minimum amount of cash out is $25. 

#4) Yahoo Contributor Network : Yahoo contributor network need articles on a regular basis on variety of  topics. Daily assignments may be observed in their website after sign up and the payments range from $2 to $25. One can also make articles based on one’s own choice and the payment ranges from $2 to $15. The articles are published in various websites of Yahoo such as news, sports, voices, mail and the payments are made through a well known payment processor Pay Pal. 


#5) : a great place always look for freelance writers who are capable of producing mind boggling and eye catching articles and can convey reliable information to their users. Those freelancers who can make long lasting impressions on the readers through their articles are always welcomed by them. Getting a licence to write for them is not quite easy also as you have to go through a two part orientation & evaluation programme where quality and standard of your writings are judged before being accepted by them. Payments are made once a month and for the amount please contact their website.
#6) Content Row : The terms & conditions of ‘Content Row’ states that the buyer of your article can use his own name on the article instead of yours i.e. you will have no ‘copyright’ issue against anybody. You are free to write on any topic that are of interest to you and you earn 50 percent of the sale proceeds. To be eligible for writing in their site, you are required to send 3 sample writings to them.


#7) Fiverr : Fiverr is a place where writing covers a lot of topics from video script to stories, fashion, company brand and many more. You are to sell your article for a fixed price of $5. When someone buys your article, the payment is made to Fiverr. You will get $4 through Paypal. 


#8) Article Teller : This place gets a number of visitors who look for quality contents and if you have a skill for writing commendable articles, you are sure to click. Here, you earn stars based on the quality of your posts and the more stars you get the higher is your rank. Here, the buyer usually pays you based on the number of words you used in your article. You are allowed to keep 81 percent of the sale proceeds which may be withdrawn through Paypal. 


#9) Sponsored Reviews : Sponsored Review is a place that lets you write articles or post advertiser provided content in exchange of cash. Thousands of advertisers from different industries search for well drafted posts. A sponsored post is an article you are paid to write and/or post for an advertiser. You will be required to write articles as per requests of the advertisers relating to his/her industries. Once you have signed up advertisers will visit your blog and ask for advertising space in your blog if they are interested. 


#10) Xomba : Once your articles are published in Xomba they will place Adsense Ads in your article. They need articles on various subjects like – science, history, news, politics, fashion, life style and many more. Payment here is 40% : 60% between you and Xomba and minimum earning to be withdrawn with Adsense is $100.


#11) Talent Studio : After sign up Talent Studio assign you writing jobs on different topics they need for their clients. Your subjects of writings depend on your area of interest which you mention at the time of your sign up. You can earn anywhere between $15 to $30 when your articles are online.  
#12) ContentBLVD : ContentBLVD acts as a platform between blog owners and writers. Here also after sign up you can start writing on topics as assigned to you by ContentBLVD. You are paid anywhere between $12 to $48 when your article is selected for publication. For payment options, contact please their website. 
#13) Digital Journal : Digital Journal is regarded as a pioneer in social news blending professional content with high quality contributions by its users about how the world is today. It has millions of visitors from all over the world. Digital Journal is rather a social platform where you can discuss, take part in debates, join groups or create your own groups. You can socialise and make yourself prominent by creating blogs and interacting with the readers. The more popular you become the more demand you create for your posts.  
Digital Journal shares its ad revenues with all of its journalists based on the volume of their contributions and how much attention they draw. They also offer incentives and extra bonuses. You must have a verified Pay Pal to be eligible to get payment from them. You need to submit a sample writing before being included in their list of  writers/journalists.
#14) Constant Content : This website connect buyers with writers and understands the needs of their clients. They have a long list of highly qualified professional writers to write for their clients. All articles are subjected to Copyscape an anti plagiarism software to ensure originality. Constant Content enables you to sell your posts to multiple clients. 

As you go on writing for them with devotion, you become a member of their Writers Pool and become eligible for exclusive projects for clients. Constant Content allows you to cash out 65 percent of the sale proceeds through a verified Pay Pal account. 


#15) Wizzley : Apart from Adsense, here you can earn a commission by showing Amazon ads in your posts also. You may earn by selling photos from All Posters and in case of a sale you earn your percentage. When writing for them you must be cautious that your articles contain no illegal or immoral content, copyright violation, copied content. Your articles must be of at least 400 words and must not contain grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. So, why wait? Go to their website, sign up and start earning.  



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