Know Top 10 Reasons For Cancellation Of Your Adsense Publisher Account

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#1) Using Adsense With Unsupported Language : You should be fully aware of the languages permitted by Adsense before writing a post. Google never supports all the languages on earth. If you already have an approved Adsense account, you should be very careful about this criteria.

Therefore, if you display Adsense Ads on an unsupported by Adsense, you get banned by the Adsense Team quickly. To know more about Languages supported by Adsense.

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#2) Invalid Clicks : This is one of the major reasons for which many hard-earned Adsense Account get banned. This risk arises when publishers request their friends and relatives from numerous IP addresses to click on the ads. Adsense team easily detects such fradulent activities with their latest security softwares and disable the culprits very soon.

There are a number of ways other that can trigger invalid clicks :-

  • Automated Software : Publishers who use software to click on their own advertisement or links get banned by the Adsense Team promtly. This type of fraud is easily detected and the offenders are punished with permanent ban.
  • Bot : Almost similar to automated software, do never fall prey to buying any service or system available online that promise to raise the number of clicks on advertisements in your website/blog. 
  • Test Clicking on Ads by Self : A lot of hard earned adsense account get banned because of this silly reason. After getting approval many bloggers intend to test, though innocently, whether the ads are working or not by clicking on them. Better never indulge in such activities.
  • Artificial Click : This is another area where many publishers get banned without doing anything by themselves. This happens when some malicious sites with evil intention become envy of your website and click on your ads consistently so that you get banned by Adsense. Since, this is not in anybody’s control Google helps you resolve such situations. Always check your adsense account frequently and see if there is any strange and irregular click pattern consistently. Report the matter immediately to the Adsense Team.
  • Buying Traffic : Seeking service of ‘Paid to Click’ and ‘Paid to Surf’ sites to raise the number of clicks on ads will soon end in disaster.      

So, to be on the safe side, be honest. Important, to know more about ‘Invalid Clicks Activity’ click here

#3) Maximum Number Of Ad Units To Be Displayed On A Page : Previously Adsense guidelines on maximum number of ads that can be displayed by a publisher on a single page was 3 and another maximum number of 3 Link Ads(Text only). However, with effect from August 2016 the restrictions on maximum number of ad units on a single page was lifted. The reasons behind this revolutionary decision are :-

It is very important to know the best practice for ad placement of Adsense before placing ads on your blog/website pages to prevent permanent ban by them.

#4) Sending Ads via Email : Make sure never to send mass emails containing your advertisement codes as this is contrary to Google programmes & policies.

#5) Pop-up Ads & Other Dishonest Methods : Refrain from using pop-up ads in your website containing your ad codes to lure viewers to click on them or using other dishonest methods such as ‘click here to see hot babes’  or  ‘raise your sexual potency’  with your ad codes.

#6) Using Other Ad Network : Adsense always likes to see its own advertisements in websites. Although, some other ‘ad networks ads’ are allowed by Adsense that comply with Adsense Programme & Policies such as Infolinks, BuySellads, Chitika and Viglink it’s always better never to use other network ads when you have the best – Adsense.

#7) Landing Page Quality Guidelines : Getting traffic from online advertising that is not compliant with Adsense ‘Landing Page Quality Guidelines

#8) Revealing Adsense Data : While getting approval you undertake not to disclose Google Confidential Informations without their prior consent. These include without limitation :-

  • Google software, technology, programming, specifications materials relating to the programme
  • CTR (click through rate) relating to the property performance in the programme provided by Google
  • Any other information designated by Google in writing as ‘Confidential’.

Be careful while publishing any screenshot that violate the above points though you are free to publish the amount paid to you by Adsense.

#9) Misleading Visitors to Click on Ads : Another most serious irregularity for which an Adsense account may be banned by Google is to mislead the visitors to click on advertisements or directly asking them to click on ads. This is done in the form of comments posted in the website like ‘Click the Ads Below to Know More’ or ‘Please Support My Campaign By Clicking On An Ad’. As soon as Google finds this type of comments in any website with Ads posted below it the publisher will be banned forthwith.

Another very common form of misleading the readers is to mix up the ad content(link ad) with the main content of the page in such a manner that the readers cannot differentiate between the ads and the content or is forced to click on the ads. This is absolutely a fraudulent practice and is suitably punished by Google.

#10) Publishing Illegal / Copyright Content Or Linking With Such Sites : Following types of content are prohibited by Adsense and publishing any such content or any link that redirects the readers to such websites may prove to be costly :-

  • Porn or Adult content
  • Racial or communal discrimination or hatred
  • Gambling
  • Drug, alcohol or anything that promotes or helps addiction 
  • Arms, ammunition and explosives or any information about them
  • Hacking or providing guidelines ‘how to hack’
  • Any sort of copyright content
These are just some examples and more may be added any time. Better refer ‘Adsense Programme And Policies’