How To Turn Your 10 Best Books On Technical Analysis Forex From Blah Into Fantastic

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books technical analysis forex
Books On Technical Analysis of Forex Trading


A wide variety of books written by experts and professionals are available in the market for those who want to have a total education on technical analysis. All these books are designed to give you a clear conception about technical analysis and how to make your unique strategy to gain wealth in the forex market. Below are given a list of 10 books beginners will find very useful :-

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  • Technical Analysis’ Author Martin Pring : This book focuses not only on technical analysis but also covers trading psychology, structure & interconnection of financial markets. The book elaborately discusses the basic principles of technical analysis and shows the readers in depth how technical analysis is used to predict future price trend and make the strategies accordingly. Martin Pring is considered to be an authority of technical analysis and this book is regarded as one of the best in this segment.

  • ‘Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques’ Author Steve Nison : Candlestick charting the most commonly used technical analysis tools has been well explained by the author in a simple and easy way for all. Before this book was published, ‘candlestick charting’ used by Japanese traders for years, was relatively unknown to the west. First, Steve Nison was associated with teaching this tool to institutional traders at top investment banking firm such as JP Morgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs Group and later he decided to write and publish book for all. The readers may have a very good idea about ‘candlestick charting’ by reading this famous book. 

  • ‘Technical Analysis By Using Multiple Timeframes’  Author Brian Shannon : The readers will find this book very handy in their day to day trading strategy. In this book the author has shown how to apply technical analysis across multiple timeframes to achieve highest probability of success. The book also covers a variety of vital aspects like — placement of stop loss orders, short selling, how to set maximum profitable trade exits.

  • ‘Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns’  Author Thomas Bulkowski : The author an expert in charts and technical analysis, gives the readers an insight of technical chart patterns which all can understand in an easy way. This books is really popular among all sorts of investors/traders in forex as well as stock markets as it has thrown light on virtually every kind of candlestick chart patterns that can accurately predict movement of future market trend. The book also shows technical patterns relating to positive economic development/news and company earning.    

  • ‘Technical Analysis Of The Financial Market’ Author John J Murphy : Exhaustive description of technical analysis and their application has been truly covered by the author in this outstanding book. The book includes broadly useful technical tools, candlestick charting, inter market relationship, how to read charts with simple & understandable examples, readers will love to read. The book lays special emphasis on futures market and is regarded to be one of the best on the subject. 

  • ‘Technical Analysis’  Author Charles D. Kirpat : The essential feature of this book is that it includes lots of updated illustrations helping the readers to learn ‘technical analysis’ in the most practical manner. Beginners who want to have an in-depth knowledge of technical analysis before trying their hands in forex trading, will find this book indispensable. This book is powerful enough to make you fully aware of portfolio management plans and investment system basics. So, if you are really interested in forex trading with the help of technical analysis tools, this book is a must for you.

  • ‘Thirty Days Of Forex Trading’  Author  Raghee Horner : Foreign exchange market opens up an awesome potential for extra earning for all persons whether full time trader or part time trader. To make your dream come true you need to have a basic knowledge as well as an understanding of forex market technical tools & techniques as well as trading disciplines. Raghee Horner has attempted to do just that. The author, a successful forex trader for over a decade, shares her best experiences during real time trading. In this book she has shown how to enter the forex market with confidence earn uniform profit. Any beginner in forex will find this book very handy.

  • How To Make A Living Trading Foreign Exchange’  Author Courtney Smith : In this unique book the author has explained in detail the basic of foreign exchange, strategy, indication, how to read charts on technical analysis that can help you earn money in the foreign market with ease. Although, Smith has dedicated a larger part of the book showing successful trading strategies with his suggested tips but at the same time he has also wonderfully covered ‘risk management’ techniques. 

  • ‘The Encyclopedia Of Technical Market Indicators Second Edition’  Author Robert Colby : This books depicts in an explicit way how and when to use technical market indicators in the best possible ways with accurate calculation and formulas. The book explains with in depth coverage of more than one hundred technical indicators. The author has maintained clarity, simplicity and step by step manner to show the readers technical market indicators‘ commonly used by topmost and reputed professionals & traders. This extensively researched piece of document is recommended for reading by various famous institutions on technical research. 

  • ‘Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets – A Comprehensive Guide To Trading Methods And Application’   Author  Murphy. John J. : This book is regarded as one of the best guides on technical analysis and future markets. The book created an uproar when it was published for the first time in 1980s. So, the author completely updated and revised the current edition covering all aspects of financial markets. This book is an invaluable guidance who prepare their trading strategies primarily based on technical charting. With a display of more than 400 charts the John Murphy has left no room of  ‘technical analysis‘ untouched.