How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionaire

If you have already started writing blogs or plan to do so for money then the most vital factor is choosing the right niche. A suitable niche not only makes your blog successful but also draw a high volume of traffic. At the same time selecting a ‘not so good’ niche may dash your hope of earning from that blog.

Since all niches are not going to be very popular, you have to decide first what your blog is going to be about. Of course, there are unending number of topics a blog may be made about but it won’t fetch what you need – success and money because they are too specific.  

When a blog becomes too much subject specific, number of visitors it is going to receive becomes very limited. That’s why choosing the right niche becomes vital. One has to keep in mind also to select a niche one is comfortable with. If writing about some topic is outside your ability and knowledge, avoid it.

Nowadays, some niche are very popular and profitable in terms of number of times they are searched. They are – ‘Health & Nutrition’, ‘Health & Fitness, ‘Money & Finance’ ‘Fashion & Beauty’,  ‘Relationship/Friendship’, ‘Jobs & Vacancy’ etc.

Health & Nutrition : 


These people have become very much health conscious. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity are so common now that there is almost not a single family who has not suffered from them. Moreover, cancer and cardiac disorders have taken an epidemic form in some countries of the world. Today, we know that healthy and nutritional diet can save the situation to a great extent. Infinite number of men and women search the internet daily to know more about health & nutrition. Therefore, preparation of a blog on this niche may be profitable and draw fair volume of crowd daily.

Health & Fitness :  


This niche is also well searched in search engines. People of all ages irrespective of sex, caste & creed, religion want to keep fit and retain youth. With the spread of education, almost all schools and colleges impart education on health and physical fitness. People want to know more about health, method of exercises, health equipment, information on gymnasium, fitness trainers and many more details. So, this niche may be regarded as ideal.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Money & Finance : 


Based on the economic development of the world, spread of business, international trade, banking system – this niche is awesome. It includes a variety of topics such as information on loans, information on mortgage,  finance for small and medium business, industrial finance, insurance sector, foreign exchange, forex trading, share & stock, online business, home loan and many more interesting topics. So, this niche is another great choice. 

Relationship/Friendship : 



No one can deny the craze for new relationship/friendship specially among the young generation. The seniors are also not out of this as well. It is very difficult to find a person who is ignorant about Face Book or Twitter. So, there is a great scope on building a website on this niche but it requires a lot of planning.

Jobs & Vacancy : 


Needless to explain anything about the importance of this subject. Considering that people have become so much career conscious and are always looking for better jobs and information on recruitment in well known blue chip companies and government institutions. Preparation of a website on this niche is a challenging one as it must be informative and updated regularly.

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