How To Make Money In Forex – Using These 5 Secret Tricks

Although, forex market is a risky area of profession specially for newbies and about half of the traders lose money,  still a lot of people are entering into this trade daily. It has been observed many of those losing money never follow a well-thought and well-planned strategy of investment. Instead their trading is mainly aimed at betting

In this article an effort has been made to make the traders aware of certain ‘Must’ to remain always in the safe zone in forex market and at the same time increase the chances of making reasonable profit in most of the trades.

5 Secret Tricks To Make Money In Forex





#1) Nobody can be a good player in the market without undergoing a good training and without attending seminars, workshops arranged by experts in this field. To be a good trader and expert in forex market first try to develop skill and knowledge. Unless you are capable of charting your trades and learn how to apply indicators to calculate the right time of entry/exit of a trade, you can never expect to make money.
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#2) Not to mention it’s always prudent to select the right trading system before entering forex market. There are various types of trading system available with all online ‘Broking Firms’. By applying a certain level of software like charting & auto trades saves both time and labour. Using total auto trading system should be adopted with caution.

#3) A suitable trading plan is the pillar of success in forex market. An ideal trading plan works like a compass and a navigator for a trader without which the ‘trading boat’ is most likely to capsize. The trader cannot reach any goal and make money without a ‘fail safe’ trading plan.

#4) A trader can never be a successful one without following a disciplined approach to forex trading. A disciplined trader is one who always sticks to predetermined ‘trading plan’ and never get affected with emotions such as greed or fear. Following the preset stop-loss and target irrespective of anything else is the right disciplined way of trading. Greed may influence a trader for more and may prevent from making profit at predetermined level while fear may push a trader to leave the trade early. A disciplined trader is one who never gets affected with emotions.  

#5) Money Management is the next most important aspect a trader should think about in forex market. It may be termed as controlling risk with the use of appropriate ‘stop loss’ in each & every trade. Using right calculated ‘stop loss’ balances potential for profit against potential for loss. Use your brain to select the right trade out of thousands where risk of suffering loss is very low but the potential for making profit is reasonably far better in forex market.