How To Get Adsense Approval For Your Blog On Very 1st Attempt


True, there are many ad network sites but needless to say that Google’s Adsense is the best among all of them. If you have been unsuccessful in your previous attempts to get Adsense approval, you need not be depressed at all. Because there are thousands like you who failed miserably to get Adsense approval.

Although, it is not impossible to get Adsense approval but it is really tough. Statistics prove that of all the applications made on a daily basis, less than 1 percent are lucky enough to get this. So, one can get a simple idea how tough is the job.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Adsense has some basic ‘Programme Policies’ which all applicants must follow. If one follows these Policies accurately it may be told that there is a fair chance of getting the approval though there is no gurantee.  

If you have a plan to apply to Adsense with you blog for approval, you must carefully go through the ‘beginner’s guide’  and take note of the following points very carefully.

So, before applying you must make sure whether your blog fulfils the entire guidelines accurately. The important criteria are mentioned below :

Posts/Articles :

One major reason Adsence shows while rejecting a blogger’s application is ‘insufficient content’. This means your blog lacks information on the subject of posts. When a viewer visits your blog/website he/she may seek any information on the subject of your blog.

Adsense wants your blog must be fully informative so that the viewers never get dissatisfied. If the viewers are not impressed at the first sight then you are bound to lose a very large amount of traffic.

So, to avoid get rejected your blog must contain at least 35 to 40 quality posts. Each post should be at least of 400 to 500 words and include at least 2 articles of 1500/2000 words. Try to provide as much accurate information on the subject as you can so that your articles/posts are liked by the Adsense team.

The posts should be free of silly grammatical and spelling mistakes disliked by Adsense. So, make sure your blog posts are grammatically correct, extremely rich and really praiseworthy.

The posts must be original and unique and must not be copied from others. One will get rejected by Adsense immediately if it appears that the posts are copied from someone else.

The posts/articles must contain  related images which must be free of copyright. There are many websites such as ‘flickr’ that offer free images for bloggers. The images not only make your posts attractive but also liked by the viewers.

The layout of each post should be very attractive i.e. it must contain subject wise paragraph. You must use bold, italic, underline, bullet list and numbered list as the need may be. A good layout may enhance the quality of the posts extremely.

The color of the letters of the posts should be black only and no other color though the link may be of other color such as blue and a different hover color.

Never leave a long blank area at the end of any post because Adsense doesn’t like a blank white space.

Niches :

Blog/websites with violence, illegal subject, pornography are rejected by Adsense team forthwith. Any website that spreads racism, hatred or supports violence against any nation, community, caste are prohibited. Blog on health, beauty, lifestyle, social media, technology, science, business, law, travel, entrepreneurship, finance including loan and mortgage, forex, stock market, earning  will get faster approval.

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Ad By Other Ad Network Sites :

Generally, Adsense doesn’t like ads by other Ad Network Sites along with their ads. Although, in some cases a limited display of other ads is allowed occasionaly. So, keep away from ads like chitika, infolinks or yahoo at the time of applying for Adsense.

Also keep your blog free of any affiliate banner such as amazon, clickbank, flipcart or fatgo at the time of going in for Adsense.

Template/Design And Easy Navigation :

This is another important area on which approval of Adsense greatly depends. Adsense always prefers a high degree of user experience. It means those visiting your blog/website can hover over all the posts and pages of your blog smoothly. A high degree of user experience also ensures a high volume of daily traffic. All the posts and pages of your blog should be interlinked with your ‘Home Page’ to achieve a high degree of smooth navigation by users that will pave the way of your easy Adsense approval.

Although, it is true Adsense prefers its publishers to use a professional template and color design so that the ads attract the eyes of the visitors significantly but the free templates available with Blogger and WordPress at present are also of good quality. There are a lot of  publishers of  Adsense who got Adsense approval with these free templates. Of course, if you go in for a professional template spending a little it’s a better deal. 

Best Free And Premium WordPress Theme  

Add A Site Map :

Google search engine bot continuously monitors and index all the websites 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you do not add a site map still your site will be indexed by the bot but it will take a lot of time. Adding a site map to your blog facilitates the bot to find your site quickly and index all the posts and pages of your site easily. Also add a XML Sitemap by clicking Add/Test Sitemap at the top right to Google Webmaster Tools.

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           How To Add A XML Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools
Add Google Analytics :

Adsense wants you to constantly update your website and monitor the traffic. Therefore, registration with Google Analytics is an indication to them that you are constantly engaged with your site. This is bound to create a positive impression on them and you will be one step ahead in your way of obtaining their approval. 
Get your site registered with Google Webmasters Tools by clicking ‘Add a Property’ appearing at the top right. Click here to get your site registered with Bing Webmaster Tools.

Compulsory Pages :

Adsense also wants you to add the following pages to your blog/website as a precondition before applying for their approval. These pages are :-

  • About us : In this page reveal your identity e.g., (i) Name, Address, and write something about the (ii) contents of your website. It is a very good practice to add your photo here.
  • Privacy policy : To create a ‘Privacy policy” visit here,  just give your site title, site url, email address and click ‘Generate Policy’. Copy the ‘Privacy policy’ so generated and paste it into your ‘Privacy policy page’.
  • Disclaimer : To generate a ‘Disclaimer page’ you can visit here or follow the style of drafting by visiting any website with a ‘Disclaimer’ page.
  • Terms of usage
  • Contact us : Your Tel/Mob number & Email address  

Custom Domain Email ID :

Many people get Adsense approval with free platforms like Blogger or WordPress. While allowing approval for a custom domain like .com .in. .net etc Adsense doesn’t like your email address in the style to appear in your website. 
So, get a custom domain email address ([email protected]) before applying for Adsense with a custom domain.
Minimum Period :

Your blog or website should be at least 6 months old before you are eligible for applying to Adsense.