How To Find 5 Top Blogging Platforms You Will Be Absolutely Amazed At

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If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and the most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple, easy to understand interface. The most common problem a beginner encounters is understanding the interface. 

As far as this point is concerned, Blogger owned by Google may be considered to be the best with support/help at all levels. Apart from this, there are so many forums available that are always ready to help at every stage and describes in depth a lot of issues related to preparation of a blog in Blogger. 

Whereas, preparation of a blog with is a bit tricky as it requires sometechnical knowledge. At the same time, it’s also a fact is rich with more than 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins. 

In addition to my post  ‘9 ways About how to Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform that Keeps You growing’  below is given a list of another 5 exclusive ‘Blogging Platforms’ for your choice :-


#1) Medium :  This site is mainly a socially oriented place where a lot of emphasis is attached to the quality of writing. This place is suitable for those who want their words be heard seriously. A good amount of traffic visit this site daily for quality and exclusive articles on various issues.



#2) Svbtle :  Svbtle is a writing and as well a reading network.  The site is equipped with everything that a blogger may need to express his/her thoughts, feelings, imagination and views. They are armed with an innovative dashboard so that one can publish an unique creation to the world. Svbtle also commits that once published your blog will remain online forever. This place has a potential of becoming your favourite blogging platform. 


#3) : It’s the easiest way to blog. Just connect your notebook to and make them published. If one is looking for a platform that will help one publish one’s article in the easiest way then this is an ideal place. They are powered with a bunch of attractive themes that make your blog appear fascinating to viewers.


#4) : They claim to have created more than 16 million pages so far. Just write and hit save and your blog is published. The quality of traffic is also great. You can create multi-page posts and drag images into the right place. This is a suitable place for knowledgeable bloggers. 


#5)  Jekyll :  You just need your content and no more database, comment moderation or updates to install. Markdown (or Textile), Liquid, HTML & CSS go in. Static sites come out ready for deployment. Permalinks, categories, pages, posts and custom layouts are all available here with excellent features. You can just make any post on any subject and that’s also absolutely from scratch. Another fantastic feature of Jekyll is that you can import your blog from a number of Blogging Platforms to Jekyll for free. Check this list here.