How To Create Super Attractive And Viral Post That Bring The Viewers Back To Your Blog

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blogger attractive post
Bloggers Create Attractive Post

This is the question often asked and searched by the bloggers. Making a blog professionally designed and highly eye catching in appearance are not enough to get wonderful volume of traffic. One might be wondering what the blog still lacks that viewers seldom visit it. Getting even a few hundred views daily is not an easy work.

As far as my experience goes getting an online presence takes time, may be even a few years and involves a lot of hard work and devotion. You can’t expect your blog to soar high as soon as it is published. Allow viewers required time to like it.

Your blog becomes effective and unique when you punch creative posts with professional design and layout. The game starts changing when viewers get spontaneously involved in your articles and cannot leave your post till the last word. You may certainly expect these viewers to come back again. The essence of creation is so strong that viewers revisit your blog just to find if there is any new post for them.

Here are the ways to creativity of your blog :

  • Ideal Bloggers’s Platform : If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple and easy to understand interface. Read : 9 Ways About How To Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform That Keeps You Growing
  • Name Of Your Blog or Custom Domain : When applying for a blog or custom domain, try to keep it shortest possible and easily memorable. Think of ‘Twitter’ ‘Facebook’ ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Google’. Read : 7 Awesome Domain Name Generators For Your Awesome Blog
  • Choosing Your Topic : A lot depends on choosing the right topic to be successful. Always try to choose a topic much in demand these and widely searched in the internet. Topics such as ‘Loan & Finance’, ‘Job Opportunities’, ‘Home Loans’, ‘Home Business’, ‘Earning Opportunities’, ‘Mortgage & Refinance’, ‘Forex & Insurance’ can draw a fair volume of traffic. Read How To Start A Business With Only 5 Profitable Niche Blog Topics That May Make You Millionaire
  • Always do a lot of home work and study about how to draft the main topic of your blog to give it a touch of depth. This will enable you to stand out from the crowd and give you a permanent place in the minds of the readers. 
  • Discover how to write the most effective and impressive headlines for your post. Read to find more help from here
  • Devote your post to only one topic and not too many because this makes your blog inept. When you make a blog on earning you may include all positive earning opportunities and not any other topic such as physical activity or movies
  • Always invite comments and request readers to inspire you
  • Always create the first paragraph of your post ingenious because readers will feel encouraged to read on the next paragraphs only when they are aptly impressed by the first few lines. 
  • Ideal Length of the blog : This is a point to debate but generally it is believed that the length of the blog should be at least 250 to 300 words. Many are of the opinion that less than 250 words cannot explain and describe a subject properly. A lot of experienced bloggers also feel that the number of words should be anywhere between 500 to 1000. It is said when applying to Adsense for approval there should be at least 2 to 3 well drafted posts of at least 1200 words. It has been observed that extremely short (less than 250 words) and extremely high (around 2000 words) posts never rank as high in SEO as posts of a fair length. Read How To Get Adsense Approval On 1st Attempt
  • Use techniques such as Heading/Sub Heading, Capitals/Small bold/Italic, bullet wisely to make your blog more attractive and readable. Use of paragraph is also important for your blog.
  • Images : Images have their own language of expression and capable of making your blog meaningful and awesome. Read These 9 Tips About 10 Top Websites For Copyright Free Photos For Your Blog To Double Your Business  
  • Showing Recent Posts Side By Side : Adding a recent post widget has got an immense value as it enables the viewers to find all your attractive posts quickly with the click of a mouse. A recent post widget always gets automatically updated whenever you make a new post. Read :’Top Recent Post Widget For Your Blog’