How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blog


Google Analytic To Your Blog

As far as real-time statistics of blog are concerned ‘Google Analytics’ is regarded to be the best & unique tool. Signing up for Google Analytics fetches a lot of advantages for you. 

If you haven’t signed up for Google Analytics yet, it is very easy to do.

Just log in to your blog and click here ‘Google Analytics’. Now, you will be directed to a page and at the top right you will see ‘Sign up or Create an account’ and click in the box. 

When redirected to the main Sign-up page just click into the ‘Sign up’ button to start. Now you are on a page like this :


google analytics

The page includes a number of options to get you started. Under ‘Reports‘  you will find a number of options like – Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions, Discover and Admin. Under each of these options you will see a number of sub-options which should be chosen and utilized according to your need.

Do not forget to include your Website Name and URL.  

You will be led to the main page with your ‘Tracking ID‘. If you have more than one blog, then you have to create ‘Tracking ID‘ for each blog separately.

The ‘Tracking ID’ must be copied & pasted into the blogger otherwise, your ‘Analytic’ will fail to monitor your blog. 

Add your ‘Tracking ID’ as follows :-

Go to ‘Settings’ > Other > Google Analytics and paste your ID in the ‘Analytics Web Property ID’ and click to save settings. Now, your Blog will be monitored by ‘Google Analytics’ 24 hours a day.