Hey Heavy Rush Of Traffic To Your Blog From Reddit Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tricks

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traffic from reddit


Reddit is a place where people share and exchange information among themselves. Reddit attracts huge visitors daily and that’s why a blogger has a plenty of opportunities to get awesome traffic from this place. If you like to draw traffic from USA and Europe then Reddit is the most ideal place for you as most of the visitors are from USA.

Reddit has about 175 million unique monthly visitors from 186 countries which makes its page views cross 8 billions monthly and Reddit earns huge advertising revenue from this traffic.

The trick of earning traffic from Reddit lies in making a few clever and wise comments on a daily basis. Good comments are sure to get upvotes from users and lead to earning ‘karma points’. 

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How To Draw Huge Traffic From Reddit

#1) Open an account in Reddit

#2) Reddit will send a link to your registered email address

#3) Confirm your email address 

Now you are a registered and verified users, you are allowed to post links,vote and make comments on Reddit. Now you can join communities also know as  ‘sub-Reddits’ of your choice but always prefer newbies groups like freekarma and others. Just select a few subreddits and post small but cute comments. An example of doing this is /r/earthporn and post simple comments like ‘I would like to visit this place everytime I get an opportunity’ like that. Your ‘karma points’ will grow rapidly.  

#4) Karma can also be earned easily by going to /r/AskReddit and answer a few questions in a funny/cute way. Another great subreddit to earn karma is ‘/r/todayilearned’. Here you can earn karma by posting links to some cool facts such as ‘TIL that cats are cool’. Search ‘Google’ or ‘Wikipedia’ to get some cool facts & post the link. The cooler the fact the higher the Upvote/’karma points’ you get. First earn some karma points  of newbies by posting comments and participating in vote. To gain confidence and trust of Reddit you need to have patience. You are not required to enter ‘Captcha Codes’ after 20 link karmas. After 200 link karmas you will start earning traffic from Reddit and earn their trust. 

#5) After getting 20 link karmas you can post links in your ‘sub-Reddits’ groups. Do not post more than 1 link at a time. To post a new link keep a gap of few hours or a day. Never try to post more than 3 links within a few days. 

When continued to proceed like this, you can expect great source of traffic from Reddit. 

Be careful about ‘Shadow Ban‘ of Reddit

Spammers are punished with ‘Shadow Ban‘ by Reddit. Once marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you will be allowed to post links, comments, upvotes and downvotes but other users will not be able to see you. 

Consequently, you won’t get any traffic from Reddit to your site, on the other hand you help Reddit to increase its own page views. To avoid getting banned by Reddit or marked with ‘Shadow Ban’ you need to exercise caution and proceed carefully.