Here we provide you information regarding how to get an Umrah Visa?

To get an Umrah Visais totally depends on the Saudi government, either they are willing to grant an individual or a group of applicants an umrah visa or not. But if you have completed your all papers and requirements for a visa file then there is no reason that your visa will be rejected. So do not worry about this thing. Only do what you can do I mean follow all the rules, terms and conditions and the documentation that is required. Here we will provide you complete information through this article on how to get Umrah Visa. Actually there is no hard and fast rule to get umrah services. Similarly there is no eligibility criteria as such, however you or your family members’ eligibility is dependent on the documents and it is the only and most important requirement. Well if we go through the documents required for Umrah Visa, then first one needs to have four passport size photographs and which are usually 4×6 pixel at 300 Dpi. You will be careful about the background should be blue and mostly when a female member or pilgrim is applied for an umrah visa then scarf is required as per rules of Saudi Arabia. Besides this here are some other requirements that everyone have to be fulfilled while applying for an umrah visa. You have to provide National Identity Card or Social Security along with you other documents. But only a copy is enough and there is no need to submit the original one, however some may require to have attested by a government official. But that varies from conditions to conditions. One should also have to provide a Passport that should be valid for at least 8 months, and the minimum blank pages required is 2. Now there is another condition for an individual who is under 18, his or her birth certificate or B Form must be submitted. This condition must be completed otherwise it will create a problem.

It is a simple process as after filling out the form and attaching the required documents an applicant forward all these documents to a travel agency that an applicant has choose for proceeding his/her umrah visa. Now it is the duty of travel agency to review your file completely and thoroughly to forward the applicant case further to recognized agency in Saudi Arabia. Which will then forward these documents to ministry of Hajj for approval. Now it all up to the government of Dubai and the ministry of hajj how they review your case. But do not worry most of the times everyone got umrah offers easily as it is a process on daily bases. As from all over the world Muslims are applying for umrah visa so the government of Saudi Arabia is very much familiar with all the technicalities. Here I will tell you my own experience. I have visited a huge number of agencies, local or international. I visited international agency’s website to be honest, but most of the travel agencies are very much expensive in its packages. So, for umrah offers one must also find and search for an agency that is capable of doing what it promises, be it a local travel program or Umrah for all that matters as most of the travel agencies are unable to fulfill the demands they claim. Anyways, after lot of research, I found mina tours, an agency of England. It offers the cheapest umrah Packages, and best advice and consultation on Umrah visa. After consulting them twice or maybe thrice, I was sure enough that mina tours will be my companion for Umrah. And hence I started arranging the documents required for Umrah travelling, and hoped for the best. My case was well prepared by mina tours and after a week I got my umrah visa. The most important thing is that my travelling services and residence facilities were extraordinary and were exactly according to the agreement I have done with mina tours.