Bloggers Uncover And Rediscover The All Time Mystery Of Keywords For Your Blog With These Simple Finest Tips Read Now

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Tips for Keywords for Blog


What Are Keywords?

When we search about anything in a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo we type a few words in the search column about that subject/topic. What search engine does is to search its database based on those words and presents a number of search results. We can view the search results spread to a number of pages such as Page 1, 2, 3 indicated at the bottom. The words so typed are called keywords

Search results always vary based on the keywords the searchers use. It has been observed when surfers search for anything in the search engines they generally use a few words instead of only a single word. The most relevant  keywords used result in the most perfect ‘search results’.

Keywords are extreme important for your articles as the search engines find your pages based on how relevant your keywords are. The quickly the search engines find your pages the greater will be your daily traffic.

In Adsense, Keywords are ultimate race winners. Keywords are powerful enough to boost your daily traffic from a few to thousands or more. Use of relevant keywords enable thousands of visitors find and view your blog daily.

The keywords are also important in the sense as these words finally determine the type of ads Adsense is going to display in various pages of your blog/website. When the best CPC keywords are selected, higher income is within your reach with higher volume of traffic. 

Keywords must also be related to the niche otherwise they are going to ruin the traffic for your blog. 

Keyword Tools

There are a number of websites to help you with keywords you should use in your articles effectively and with positive results.

#1) Keyword Planners by Adwords



Google’s free ‘keyword planner’ with Adword is an excellent source of obtaining relevant keywords for your posts. In the above screen short you can see the keywords in the first column and number of times it has been searched by viewers in the second column. You can type your keyword at the bottom and click ‘Add’ and can instantly see its search popularity.

#2) Similarly you can take the help of Semrush


You will be astonished to find all the details of any keyword you type in the box, so methodically. Plan your keyword accordingly.

#3) Planning your keyword with MOZ is a good idea :-


Go to the Website and soon you will understand its friendly interface and be benefited immensely. 

#4) Similar help is available from Keywordtool also:-



#5) Taking help of Ubersuggest is great as well :-



While planning your keywords try to choose them by evaluating its history such as number of times it has been searched, ranking, competition and many more aspects you will find in the above helpful websites.