Best retail Banking is all about different banking services in UAE

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Due to growing economy of Middle East and especially Dubai, it has become a crucial economic corridor between Asia and Europe. Daily hundreds of flights come to Dubai and leave Dubai. This shows that Dubai is a business hub or you can say that a city of business. So investors from all over the world are welcomed very warmly in Dubai and if you want to invest in Dubai do not need to hesitate whether to invest or not because it you will never get any loss it is my promise.  You will satisfy when you explore its business facilities through digital media. There are many services provided for entrepreneurs to establish their business here with the help of best retail banking in Dubai. So traders and multinational corporations can promote their business by utilizing the services provided by different bank. Banks in UAE are reliable and provide any type of service people need for both business and personal use. There are almost 60 banks in Dubai from which 23 are domestic banks; 28 are foreign banks and others are dedicated to Islamic Banking. The General-Secretariat of the Union of Arab Banks, UAB, has announced the inclusion of 85 Arab banks among the top 1,000 banks in the world, including 20 from the UAE. Here we discuss some important points regarding best retail banking so that one can get maximum benefits from the services of these world’s best banks. From the list of all banks in UAE, we have selected top two banks and we will compare the benefits and functioning of these two banks so that you get clear idea about the banking services in Dubai. First bank is Mashreq bank and second one is Dubai Islamic bank –One of the oldest bank in the town is Mashreq bank and it has been providing banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. With Mashreq Bank you can access any type of facility that you will be able to benefit Loans, Card, Insurance, and any types of offers as well.  Due to highly skilled financial advisors, Mashreq is invariably among the highest performing banks in the Region. Its financial performance reflects on its commitment to continue leading the UAE banking industry. Mashreq bank from the list of best retail banking is actually a sign for rising market share, solid equity base, growing asset base and return on assets and these factors provide a strong financial position in the market. Today, it has recognized as a world-class organization committed to maximizing value for shareholders, customers and employees as it focuses on delivering banking products and services that meet client needs and support the UAE’s dynamic economy. The most important factor of Mashreq bank is its online and digital services that are considered world’ best services. In Dubai majority of population is not inserted in traditional corporate banking services and prefer Islamic banking system so in this regard Dubai Islamic Bank is dedicated to Islamic Banking. In June 2012, the best retail banking in Dubai has been named as the Best Islamic Bank in the region by Banker Middle East Magazine. With over 35 years of experience in Islamic banking, Dubai Islamic Bank has combined the highest ethical standards of Sharia and it completely follow the Islamic laws in banking system. For example if someone needs a mortgage Dubai Islamic bank provide loan by purchasing a property from the borrower but through an agreement bank is bound to return the property after the complete bank installments that bank received in the form of property rent. The major difference between Mashreq bank and Dubai Islamic bank is that Mashreq bank due to best retail banking services at the same time provide Islamic banking facilities also but the latter is not deal in commercial banking.