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People of Dubai are hospitable, and it is in their culture, and tradition. With religion given importance in Dubai, Dubai has become a positive light in Muslim World. Safe Haven to all the tourist from all over the world. Dubai has proved how important UAE stock trading market is. And how with determination, will and smart decisions one can transform a whole city into a one big business hub and a tourist spot. UAE stock trading started back in late 19th century and early 20th century. Dubai Trade’s success lies within its duty free port and its geographical structure. And it is the reason that made Dubai a powerhouse in the form of UAE stock trading. Well today we will provide you information regarding UAE stock Trading and which the main exports of Dubai. Beside oil resources the UAE owns a third of the world’s trade of dates, ranking first in exports, and second in imports from last 7 years. These stats were issued by Ministry of Foreign trade in UAE. According to this study it is estimated that there are around 40 different kinds of dates being produced in the UAE today and there are many different form of dates in rest of the Middle East. According to the UAE stock trading, global date production in 2008 was 7.1 million tons. As part of a series of extensive studies that aim to enhance the UAE stock trading resources and products particularly the exports of different kinds of dates, an analytical study prepared by Dr Majeed, under the supervision of Dr Mattar Awad, the Director of the Ministry’s Trade Analysis and Information Department of Dubai. Through analyzing the UAE’s data on UAE stock exchange, the study revealed that there has been a 16 per cent decline in the value, and a 32 per cent decrease in the volume of traded dates in comparison with the past 5 years. This decline was due to decline in the oil prices. So first of all we should analyze the complete exports of Dubai and have exact idea about the local market products to check out the ground realities. However, the UAE stock exchange ranking world’s top markets in the trade of this global agricultural product not even in Middle East but also in the whole world.

The UAE stock exchange market exported a total of 266 thousand tons of dates, registering a 12 per cent increase of 28 thousand tons in two years. In UAE Stock exchange exports of this commodity has achieved growth at a time when global exports had witnessed a decline. In the international market India is considered the largest importer of UAE dates, importing around 193 thousand tons. Moreover, further analysis of available data also revealed that the average price/tone of exported UAE dates was $300. And one thing most people ignore is the fact that Dubai has brought businesses from every corner of the world. Be it Pakistan, China or USA. Every country is impressed by Dubai Trade laws and strategies. It is also important to understand that, with the advancement in internet the banking system has also made quite huge profits and businesses particularly in the UAE stock trading sector. With allowing national traders to do online trading, the online business in Dubai has spread all around the globe. Dubai trade now takes place online from desktop to smart phones. With Mashreq NEO, UAE stock Trading Portal, has become popular with young aspiring entrepreneurs as well. Dubai is now considered to be the best place for a business to prosper. With past companies as case study, is no longer reliable on tourism. People with ambitions from around the world like to start their business in Dubai as most of the expatriates are contributing a lot in this sector. The best option to start online trading is to sign up on UAE stock Trading Portal online. Mashreq bank is one of best and oldest one in the UAE in providing trading facilities. It offers stock analysis, Investment predications, Stock exchange news and other important factors that will be required for a better investment and trading. For further details one can visit the official website of the Mashreq NEO bank.