Add Your Blog/Website To Google Webmaster Tools

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When you create a blog you surely wish that more and more people worldwide view your posts. This is possible only when your blog/site is indexed properly by the search engine bot. The first step to do this is to submit your site to ‘Google Webmaster Tools.

Apart from viewing by more and more people, all bloggers also wish to get ‘Adsense’ approval to earn money from their blogs. To earn money from ‘Adsense’ you must enjoy a reasonable volume of traffic. When you submit your site to webmaster tools, your site is properly indexed by search engine bot quickly enabling to get traffic.

Besides, webmaster tools also help with very vital data about traffic, keywords, geographical area of traffic and also if any trouble is being faced by search engine bot.

Now, let’s find how to submit your blog/website to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’

#1) Log in to webmaster tools here

#2) Click ‘ADD A PROPERTY’ shown in red at the top right corner

#3) Write the name of your blog/site starting with http://www. (shown below) and click ADD

                               Screen Shot :1                                              

#4) After you have followed the above steps Google will ask you to verify your website and a page as shown below will open :-
                               Screen Shot :2                                     
There are several methods to verify your site but the easiest of them is described below :-
Click ‘Alternate methods’ at the top — Tick ‘HTML tag’ — copy the code shown under (1) like below
<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”VBdtVRpAuH8EB6NCVxdubrNpIiX_OaFqtFlgr8rJCKM” />
and paste it under <head> tag in the HTML page of your blog.
#5) After you have done the above step click VERIFY (Screen Shot 2)
How To Add The HTML tag in your blog :-

Log in to your blogger dashboard — click Template (drop down menu) — click ‘Edit HTML’.  A page full of html code opens — click anywhere inside the page — hit Ctrl + F — a small box opens at the top right corner.
Now, type <head> in the box and hit ‘Enter’. 

The <head> tag marked yellow appears. Just below it paste the code you have already copied as described above..
Click ‘Save Template’ . After you have finished this only then click Verify (as described in step #5 above)

Your next most important step is to add a  xml sitemap to ‘webmaster tools’
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