9 ways About how to Choose The Ideal Blogger’s Platform that Keeps You growing

blog platform
blog platform

If you are planning to start your first blog, then the most important decision is to choose the ideal and the most popular ‘blog platform’ with simple, easy to understand interface. The most common problem a beginner encounters is understanding the interface. 

As far as this point is concerned, Blogger owned by Google may be considered to be the best with support/help at all levels. Apart from this, there are so many forums available that are always ready to help at every stage and describes in depth a lot of issues related to preparation of a blog in Blogger. 

Whereas, preparation of a blog with WordPress.org is a bit tricky as it requires some technical knowledge. At the same time, it’s also a fact WordPress.org is rich with more than 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins. 

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Below are given 7 best Blogger’s platforms – all of them immensely popular :-   

#1) Blogger : 


With Blogger owned by Google you are allowed access to a number of free tools such as Webmaster Tools, Analytics and the most popular ever money making tool Adsense. Any blogger irrespective of professional or following a hobby can make money with Adsense subject to its programme & policies.
No doubt, Blogger is the best and most popular platform.

Advantages :  

  • Easiest to understand and use
  • Support and help by Blogger and other websites at all levels
  • Anyone can make money subject to Adsense Programme & Policies
  • Lots of free and easy to understand tools
  • FREE

Disadvantages :

  • Bloggers is a sub domain and any site name you choose will come as .blogspot.com
  • Number of themes/templates are limited 
  • If you go is for Adsense you cannot display ads of other networks subject to some exceptions
#2) WordPress.com :


This is another most popular and well known platform where you publish your blog for free. Its’s a great choice for mainly for bloggers’s who are pursuing their hobbies and not looking for making money. 

Advantage :

  • This is a nice place if you plan to upgrade to a self hosted Word Press Blog in future
  • Lot of themes/ templates
  • Simple to use and easy to understand, no special technical knowledge is required
  • Free
Disadvantages : 

  • Like Bloggers it’s also a sub domain and your site comes with .wordpress.com
  • Limited tools and functionalities if not upgraded 
  • You almost have no control for advertising revenues and you are subject to suspension any time
#3) WordPress.org : 


A self hosted Word Press blog uses the Word Press software on a third party server. Not totally free and your need to pay $3 per month for hosting. You have control over your website and you are free to install plugins and edit HTML code. It’s ideal for professionals and business owners who can invest some in exchange of professional appearance. 

Advantages :
  • Awesome with some 1500 free themes and 20,000 free plugins 
  • User friendly customization options 
Disadvantages : 
  • Some technical knowledge is required for hosting
  • Not totally Free

    #4) Tumblr : 


    Tumblr is basically a social platform and therefore ideal for bloggers. This platform is right for you if you are planning to build a strong social and friend connections. 

    Advantages :
    • Rich in themes
    • Tools and easy options for customization
    • Free

    Disadvantages :

    • Limited monetize options
    • Plugins are limited

    #5) Weebly : 


    Weebly is a blog creating platform equipped with easy drag and drop features enabling you to create great blog pages and layouts easily.

    Advantages :

    • Easy customisable layouts
    • Great Themes
    • Easy drag and drop features

    Disadvantages :

    • Limited scopes to earn

    #6) Ghost :

    Ghost is a different place from other platforms. It is free if you download and install it yourself but you have to pay on the basis of traffic. You need some technical knowledge to create your blog here. If you cannot manage with Word Press it’s a great alternative to try.

    #7) TypePad : 


    This platform is not free and requires you to invest some money but it’s an excellent platform for professionals and brand builders. The community of TypePad is not as large as Blogger or Word Press but these days this platform is being liked by a lot of bloggers.

    Advantages :

    • Easy to use interface
    • Unlimited storage like Google’s Blogger

    Disadvantages :

    • It’s not free

    #8) LiveJournal : 


    LiveJournal is also a good platform and it has a great community base. You are encouraged to take part in discussion on a wide range of subjects as much as blogging. LiveJournal started its operations in 1999 and today it has become an immensely popular website and innumerable members.

    #9) Wix :


    Wix is highly suitable for businesses with special emphasis on ecommerce. You can make a stunning ecommerce business website easily with wix with its unlimited bandwidth, easy to use interface, drag and drop facility, designer made templates, excellent galleries, mobile optimization, SEO and 24 x 7 support.

    Advantages :

    • Easy to use
    • Ad integration
    • rich quality templates
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Maximum 20 GB storage
    Disadvantages :

    • Not free and expensive
    • Limited customization options

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