9 Superior Adsense Alternatives You Will Love To Try For Your Blog


adsense alternatives

It’s a fact that creating blogs and websites can be one of the best ways of generating passive income. It takes a lot of hard work and brain to create a eye-catching blog/website.

Obviously, the creator behind this, deserves the right to expect some income for his/her hard work. To do this, one needs to associate the blog with an ‘Ad Network’ and allow various ads to appear in different pages of the blog. 

When a viewer clicks on those ads, one starts earning money. There are various types of websites who deal in various types of ads – each having its own set of advantages & disadvantages. 

There are CPC(cost per click) type of Ad-Network who pay you when somebody clicks on an ad. There are CPA(cost per action) type of Ad-Network who pays you somebody completes an action e.g. buys a product/places an order for a product or fills up a form with his/her name,email etc. There are Networks who pay you for the number of videos played or pay for the number of emails collected. 

It may be mentioned beyond doubt that the best income is generated by CPC type of ads. But to generate income from this type of ads one must have a high number of daily dedicated visitors and a great CTR(click through rate). 

Otherwise, one has to look for websites that pay for impressions (CPM)i.e. pay you for every thousand people that your website serves the ad to.

For blogs/websites that attract a lot of daily visitors but a lower CTR rate, CPM based Ad-Network may be an attractive option compared to CPC and CPA types of ads.

May be you are really depressed for not getting Adsense approval or got banned, then must go through this article.

Below is given a list of 7 best CPM Ad-Networks the bloggers will love to experiment :- 


The good thing about ‘BuySellAds’ is that it has no minimum traffic requirements. Even if your blog/website has not reached a daily traffic of even one thousand but only a few hundreds, you can apply here. 75% of the revenue is offered by BuySellAds to publishers and they keep the rest.


This is a well known ad network by Yahoo and Bing. Media.net has a very enviable list of reputed publisher clients like Ziff Davis, Hearst, Reuters, Yahoo Kiplinger, The Street etc. At present, media.net is the second largest contextual ads program in the world. Here, publishers can customize their ads according to their preference using their ‘easy to understand’ platform.

If one has a website with good amount of traffic specially from USA and Europe one can expect to get their approval. Learn more about their program 


The best thing about UberCPM is their easy and instant approval process. If someone is rejected by any other ad network then this is the place to get it quickly. This is one of the fastest growing ad network at present and shares 80% of the revenue with the publishers. 

Multiple advertisers can bid for a place in your website through their ad exchange platform. After registration, it will take about 4 to 5 days by the advertisers to review your website. If revenue from Adsense is poor for a small or medium publisher, then this is the right place to supplement the revenue. 


This AOL venture has both CPM based ads and Revenue Share ads in their inventory to offer to all sorts of publishers. Their revenue from CPM based ads is quite impressive and publishers with good CTR rate can earn well with their RevShare ads. Presently, AOL approves sites which have at least 500,000 monthly traffic. So, before applying here, one has to gain a lot of visitors first.


Adsterra is an extraordinary ad network platform both for publishers and as well as advertisers with its highly innovative ad formats and numerous reputed brands using this platform. Earning from blog/website is easy as they offer publishers a 100% fill rate and highest CPM. 

With 10 billion ad impressions per month covering 190 countries and 20K active ad campaigns, it’s clearly understandable why Adsterra has emerged as a real Adsense competitor. 

They offer 2 payments per month – 1-2 and 16-17 with minimum $100 payout and several payment processors such as Paypal, Payza, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments and Wire Transfer also. 


Adbuff is equipped with a real-time bidding platform and is a superb, innovative ad network. This place provides excellent advantage to the publishers by putting the largest advertisers against one another to bid for its inventory of ‘publishers’ websites.

By doing this, Adbuff rewards its publishers with top CPM rate. They are a premium ad network and naturally have strict guidelines both for publishers & advertisers. At present, they are accepting publishers who have at least daily 2000 unique visitors with a majority of them from USA,UK,Canada and Australia. 

Approval process takes between 5-7 days and all new publishers are awarded with a $25 welcome bonus. If your website meets the above criteria then this is the best CPM based ad network. 


Criteo served more than 740 billion ads in 2014 alone and with its list of 7800 plus advertisers it may be described as an esteemed ad network. In recent times Criteo has gained immense popularity by offering its publishers a high rate of CPM revenue. 

That Criteo has ensured a strong position in this segment is evident from the fact that the rate of renewal of service agreements with its popular advertisers is more than 96%.

They have advertisers across 90 countries of the globe and served 900+ billion ads in 2016.

Conversant Media

For more than 15 years, Conversant Media is transforming the way that brands reach and talk to consumers, to drive meaningful relationship at incredible scale.
They have 4000 clients including 400+ blue chip brands and their ads bring about 5.1 million purchases daily.
Conversant Media is reinventing the landscape of digital marketing with its innovative ad designs and its network spreads to North America, Europe and Asia. 

Meridian Sorvin

This is a CPM based ad network that accepts publisher of any size. You will be paid even if your viewers do not click on your ads. 

Although, Meridian lets you to fix a minimum price for the space of your blog/website but there might be times when it can’t fill up all your space, so they allow ‘backfill’. This means you can allow other ad networks including ‘Adsense’ to show their ads when meridian can’t do so. Many other ad networks are also allowed. 

The minimum threshold is $25 and which is paid via PayPal, ACH,eCheck, International Wire Transfer.  

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