7 Awesome Domain Name Generators For Your Awesome Blog

When registering for a custom domain name always try to keep it shortest possible and easily memorable. Think of ‘Twitter’  ‘Face Book’ ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Google’ consisting of only a single or two words at the most that have kissed the sky. An unique name easily memorable creates a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors – is a fact.

When going through the above four lines you might probably start pulling your hair and spend hours, days or even months discovering an unmatched domain name for yourself that will be at par with the best. Just visit the eight best ‘8 domain name generators’ explained below that will help you reach your goal with a very little effort on your part.

#1) Domains Bot : 


You can choose a great name for your custom domain in this place. This is not only a nice site with easy interface but also one of the most popular name generators. After a few keywords of the proposed site are entered in the box provided and search button is clicked, they will not only show you suggested names but you can also refine your list by selecting allow or disallow synonyms for all the keywords. You can also set your price range and select TLD(top level domain extensions). After the buy button is clicked, names of top domain providers and price range will be displayed.

#2) Wordoid : 



You can create a great and catchy website name at this site with their superb name generating tool. The names so generated may not be like real words and may not be found in dictionary but look ingenious and not occurred to you before. You are required to set five parameters to generate a name e.g. language(English/German/French/Russian), quality level(high/medium/low), pattern(if you like you may enter a short fragment), wordoid length(number of letter 5 to 15) and domain names( .com/.in/.net or all ).

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #3) Name Mesh : 


Name Mesh is an amazing web name generator that bloggers may consult. As a few keywords are entered in the box at the top of the home page, the website will display a variety of suggestions under various heads e.g. common, new, short, extra, similar, SEO, fun, mix etc. The names available for registration are shown in green. There is an option to set the maximum number of characters for the website name and additional extensions such as .com/.net/.co. When you click the name you have chosen, you are led to Go Daddy where details and price offer are available. 

#4) Lean Domain Search : 


The astonishing feature of Lean Domain Search is that you are required to enter just a single keyword that you want your domain name to include e.g. fun, game, tea, coffee, toy, gym or SEO, orgasm, vitality, sex and they will produce thousands of results. I had typed ‘orgasm’ and the site produced some 4484 results. As you click on the name you choose, they will show you a number of ‘custom domain provider’ e.g. GoDaddy, Blue Host, Network Solutions, Name Cheap and may more. Select a domain provider and simply register. 

#5) Panabee : 

This is another web name generator with simple and easy to understand interface. It’s a simple way to search for domain names, app names and company names. The procedure of obtaining a suitable name for your website/blog is almost same. You have to one or two keywords about the subject or topic. They display plenty of suggestions based on your keywords and ideas.

These suggestions are also obtained by using prefixes, suffixes and present popular domain trends. You can also search if the domain name chosen by you is available or not along with a number of alternative suggestions. One can also search for domain names with many more extensions such as – .com/.in/.co/.org/.us and many more.

#6) Domain Fellow : 


Domain fellow is also an outstanding name generator with lots of features – Multiple Domain Query, Custom Domain Query, Domain Resources. This site also enables you to get the most suitable, ideal and appropriate name when you insert a few keywords. After obtaining your name, judge its popularity on the basis of scores here.

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#7) Name Station : 


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