5 Steps To Make Money From Your Blog With Adsense

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Adsense make money
Adsense Make Money

Google Adsense is probably the best platform where you can make an impressive earning each month with your blog. There are a lot of publishers who make money with Adsense by taking up blogging as an extra source of income. When there is a shortage of attractive jobs and the state of the economy is tight, trying your hand with this method of earning can be rewarding.

Google offers its best free platforms where all can create their own unique blog on unlimited topics and later join Adsense to make the blog earn money. What is essential is that the bloggers have to abide by the content policy of Google in this regard. Bloggers Platform is also ready to extend you total assistance on all difficulties and problems faced by the bloggers. You can also add a custom domain with your blog later.

One starts earning money with Adsense when one’s blog has been approved by Adsense and Adsense has agreed to serve ads on your blog. Before being eligible to apply to Adsense, everyone has to comply with Adsense Program Policies.

When your blog is approved and you become a publisher of  Adsense, ads start appearing on your blog and the road to earning money is open.

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#1) Write An Unique Content With A Great Headline And Astonishing Layout

Your blog becomes successful and effective when you punch creative post with an exclusive headline along with exceptional design and layout. The game starts changing in your favor when visitors get spontaneously involved in your article and cannot leave your blog till the last word is read. Read how to create super attractive and viral posts that bring the viewers back to your blog. As far as, design and layout is concerned use of an attractive template and widgets cannot be denied. Read Best Free Premium WordPress Themes For You. Adding an extra column in the header or showing related post widget are additional tricks.

#2) Biggest Misconception About Adsense

Most bloggers are under the impression that they will start earning lump sum money with Adsense as soon as they put ads on all types of websites. So, they go on creating a number of blogs/websites without thinking about how many people are going to view them daily. Their main target remains to show the maximum number of ads on their web pages.

This is the most serious mistake they make. All niches are not going to fetch high volume of traffic. Since, earning with Adsense is related to the volume of traffic, choosing the right niche is of utmost importance.

If you have already started writing blogs and devoting a lot of your precious time doing so, think about your niche first. Going in for the right niche or topic will ultimately decide whether you are going to be a winner or a total failure.

Know about 5 profitable niche blog topics that may make you millionaire 

#3) Smart Pricing Scheme of Adsense

Adsense provides high paying ads for your site if your blog has a high CTR(click through ratio). This means, when you get a lot of daily traffic and a lot of clicks on ads, the perceived value of your site is ranked high. Therefore, higher the clicks on ads higher is the CTR. Vice versa a lower traffic results in lower CTR and a lower income.

This difference may be anywhere between a few cents to a few dollar per click. This implies how high or at least a fair volume of traffic is of utmost importance to get a higher CTR and ultimately a higher income.

To make your CTR high a few points must be kept in mind

  • Always use Large Rectangle Ads as described below
  • Be in the habit of posting ads between paragraphs of various pages
  • It has been observed Red attracts human eyes greater than any other color. Make hover color of all links red – same thing with Adsense Ads also
  • Apply Text & Image based ads

#4) Right Key Words

In Adsense, keywords are the ultimate race winners. When the best CPC keywords are selected, higher income is possible through higher volume of traffic. There are important tools available about best keywords for your blog with Semrush and with Keyword Planner by Adwords. You can search for keywords in those places along with their historical statistics, performance and ideas about how these keywords are going to perform for you.

The keywords will finally determine the type of ads Adsense is going to display on your blog or website. Keywords must be related to the niche otherwise they are going to ruin the traffic to your blog. At the same time too many use of keywords are against Adsense program & Policy. Find more help from Adsense forum about this.  

#5) Large Rectangle Ads

It has been observed that wider rectangle ad sizes work better than their taller counterparts due to their viewer friendly format. Most effective and high performing ads are 336X280 large rectangle ; 300X250 medium rectangle ; 728X90 leaderboard ; 300X600 half page and on mobile 320X100 large mobile banner. Although these ad sizes perform well, still you should use the size that best complements the pages of your blog pages. For more information go to Guide to ad sizes. 

You need to keep track on a regular basis about how your ads are performing, which ads are performing well and which are failing. If you do not monitor your ads well it’s most likely that you will ultimately fail.