15+ Real & Amazing Ways To Make Money – Apply These 5 Secrets

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Start Making Money Online

#1 Earn With Youtube
When we think of watching videos the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘You Tube’.According to a recent study, we watch more videos than we conduct search in ‘Google’. You tube is one of the best quick money making platforms now. Another study shows a vast population of the and about 60 percent population of the Unites States alone visited ‘You Tube’ once a week in March 2013. One hour of video is uploaded in ‘You Tube’ every second and over 4 billion videos are viewed daily. Another interesting fact is over 3 billion hours of video are viewed in ‘You Tube’ each month. You Tube Partner Programme lets you make money by uploading your own original videos on a wide range of topics.You can make a lot of money depending on your subscriber base and topic.  Read about ‘terms of service’ and ‘community guidelines’.

#2 Your Stories And Writings Can Make You Money

If you have an aptitude for writing and have a stock of interesting stories you could start selling them to papers or searching for buyers online. There are people who are keen on swallowing your stories. Sky is the only limit for range of topics – from how you felt when begging near a railway station to when you dined with your partner in a cosy restaurant. 

There are a number of writers who wonder ‘how much money he or she can make from his/her work. The fact is that how much money you can make from your stories/poems/novels depends on the quality of your content. Freelance writing is an extraordinary way to make money online and there is awesome demand for such writers. Read about freelance writing jobs.  

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#3 Online Surveys
This is an attractive ways of earning money in your spare time. Online surveys are very popular among students as well in their leisure hours. Various market research companies always need fresh recruitment of fresh members to answer a few questions and test new products. 

You just need to answer a few questions about some products and services in use daily. The job can be done anywhere whether you are in home, office or at the beach. Some surveys even fetch you up to $5. Some popular and honest survey sites are : iPoll, Toluna, The Opinion Panel, YouGov, Mind Mover, Pinecone, New Vista, IPSOS, PopulusLive.
#4 Selling Notes Is The New Way of Earning


If you are interested you can share and sell your notes with other students and you can generate an extra income by doing this. There are sites such as Notesale, Stuvia, Nevblog, Cleveland, Nexus. These sites usually require you to upload PDF format of your quality college and university notes. You may upload your handwritten notes also and by doing this you can expect an attractive return.
#5 Earn For Searching the Web

Qmee has introduced an innovative idea of making money online by simply searching the web ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo’ or ‘Bing’. To do this you simply have to install an add-on to your browser. While you search the web there are a few sponsored results alongside your normal search. Each Qmee result has some has some cash reward. If you are interested in some, just click and earn your reward. So why wait? Sign up and start earning.
#6 Write And Publish e-Book
If you have a knack for writing then you need to have a solid and reliable platform to publish your e-book and that’s what Amazon Kindle Store does by publishing e-books. This is because marketing is always tougher than writing. 


  • The most important point is choosing a topic. The key to success is to write non-fiction practical topic such as ‘starting a small home business’ / ‘finding a job / ‘guidance to get finance from bank’ for business. You can sum up all your experience, data and market research in an most attractive and digestive form in such a way that readers will not leave your e-book until the last line. 
  • You should have knowledge about your topic and you should have passion about your subject. If readers do not get satisfactory replies from your to their queries, the whole process becomes funny. 
  • Another pre requisite to success is to develop genuine and friendly relationship with thousands of people. Social media can extend a lot of help about this.  
  • You can a lot of guidance and practical example through online search.  
#7 Earn By Review Of Websites And Apps

With the revolution in net a wonderful and easy way of earning money has opened up. It is very important for a website owner to know if his/her is user friendly to prevent loss of traffic leading to loss of money. That’s why companies pay for third party review of their websites. Enroll here with email address, password and preferred method of testing – desktop, tablet or smartphone. To do this job from home your need a computer with internet connection and microphone. Since the language of conversation is English you need to be proficient in it. 

Once you have enrolled yourself you will be informed for new assignments. Companies make payment of $10 on an average for 10 to 30 minutes review and per assignment. You can check for 11 sites here for this kind of job.

#8 Earn By Reviewing Music


Love for music can fetch you money. This can be done by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for cash with ‘Slicethepie’. If you can build up your reputation in this line then you can earn a reasonable amount. Just sign up and go through the details.

#9 Earn By Selling Photos


If you are good with a camera then a vast potential awaits you. There are a lot of people who started photography as a side income but later became full fledged professionals. You can make an unique collection of yours from your own stock of photos and offer them online for sale. There are a number of websites such as ‘Shutterstock’: The exclusive thing about Shutterstock is that you can be paid upto 30 percent of the sale proceeds while you continue to retain the copyright. Since launch Shutterstock has so far paid out $350 million dollar to its associates.


‘Fotolia’: This site has been in existence for more than 10 years and has over 45 million photos in its inventory. Payment is between 20 – 46 percent and instant unlike other sites where you have to reach a threshold to be eligible for payment.


‘Dreamstime’: This is a well known site which pays about 25 to 50 percent towards royalties. The sale price is calculated on the basis of number of times a photo has been downloaded.  


‘Alamy’: Alamy has a huge 60 million photos and videos in its inventory and it pays its contributors a whopping of 50 percent of the sale price as royalties. There is not bar to sell your photos elsewhere as well.  


‘iStockPhoto’: This is also an exclusive site for selling photos and you are paid between 15 – 45 percent as royalties. You can also enter into a contract with ‘iStockPhoto’ whereby you will be paid 22 to 45 percent as royalties on condition you will not sell your photos elsewhere.


‘PhotoShelter’: PhotoShelter is a great place where you can sell your photos through your own website because of its ‘e-commerce’ platform and it can be integrated into any website. The plus point of this feature is that you decide how your photos will be displayed and not with photos of others displayed alongside yours. It enables you to get a better price of your photos.


‘PhotoMoolah’: The way of sale of your photos is a little different here. You upload your photos to ‘PhotoMoolah’ to take part in contests. If your photo is picked up as a winner then you can earn anywhere between $100 – $500.

#10 Freelancing For Others

There are so many freelancing jobs waiting around the world for persons with skills in their respective fields. The best thing about freelancing job is that it can be done from anywhere at any time of the day for anyone around the world. Freelancing is also a great way of earning for professionals and experts. There is a continuous flow of freelancing jobs sought by various business houses advertised online.

One thing is certain about this type of job is the guarantee of payment provided your work is done according to directions and accepted. There are a number of websites that offer various types of freelance jobs such as – Guru, SimplyHired, Juiiicy, Hirable, Matchist. You can find hundreds more if not thousands by searching in ‘Google’.

#11 Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who have got a niche for selling may look for some earning scope by becoming an affiliate/reseller. An affiliate is a person who gets a commission for selling some products through his/her website or through some other platform such a e-Bay. You may sign up with any website such as ‘amazon’, ‘click bank’ or ‘commission junction’ and start selling their products through your affiliate link. You may also sign up with ‘affiliate window’.

#12 Advertising

If you have a great website or a blog with a lot of visitors daily then you can earn by selling space on your website or blog for advertisement purpose. You earn when these ads are clicked by your visitors. The most popular ‘pay per click’ advertising programme is Google’s Adsense. Others to mention are ‘BidVertiser’ ‘Text Link Ads’ ‘Adsbrono’ ‘Blogads’ etc. Earning depends on the traffic level of website, click through rate and cost per click. Read Adsense ‘Programme & Policies’ here.

#12 Stock or Forex Trading

Though this segment is a bit risky but you can earn a lot through proper online training programme. There are lot of people who became considerable wealthy over the years. Forex market is open 24 hours a day. It’s totally decentralised and may be practised online from the comfort of your home. You can learn a lot by going through these pages.  After successful completion of a training programme and under the guidance of a competent broking firm, you can set your feet in a world of wealth

#13 Join ‘Clickworker’

Clickworker is a fascinating way of earning money through a variety of tasks – data entry, form filling. You are paid through Paypal and you have the freedom to choose when and what to do. The system of work is based on ‘internet crowd sourcing’ where specific tasks are advertised for quick completion.

#14 Buy And Sell Domain Names

The idea behind making money with this strategy is very simple. Make a list of catchy domain names that you believe may work well for business or some other purposes. Now go to GoDaddy or BigRock and check if the names are available for registration. Buying a domain name is very cheap these days as little as $1.99/m.  Now buy some names and put them up for sale at Sedo. If you are lucky you can fetch a very good price for a domain. Vacation Rentals.com had fetched a price of $35 million in an auction in 2007

#15 E-Tutions

If you are an academician, feel comfortable giving tution and enjoy working as a tutor then ‘e-tution’ may be an appealing alternative for you. These days, there is a considerable growth in the demand for competent tutors. You can enrol yourself with popular websites in this field such as ‘e-tutor, tutor.com, Tutor Vista, Smart Thinking etc. What you need is a desktop, internet connection, a pair of good speakers and webcam. A good knowledge in English and ability to answer questions by students confidently are a must. The pay is good, mainly on an hourly basis. If you already enjoy a reputation in this profession, then you can also participate in Webinars – lectures as a part timer and earn more.   

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