12 Amazing Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

Without sufficient amount of traffic an article becomes a failure. Generating huge volume of traffic is the lifeline of earning money from Adsense as well. There are a lot of websites nowadays that offer to send considerable amount of traffic in exchange of a fixed price payable either monthly or annually. 

But we must not forget, there are an equal number of tool and ways to increase blog traffic as well. These tools and ways are completely free but at the same time very effective. 

Today, I am going to show you those 15 easy and interesting ways to draw more viewers for your posts. If implemented, I am sure they are powerful enough to give positive results withing a short span of time.

#1)Free Tool:Blog Commenting          

Blog commenting is a very powerful and effective free way of enhancing number of blog viewers. It is quite similar to ‘forum marketing’ but differs only in terms of platform it uses. You must have noticed, in almost all blog platforms there is a box at the end of the article to post the url of your website and your comment. If your comment is quite interesting to draw other’s attention, they will click on your link leading to instant traffic to your blog. 

But while following this easy way of increasing traffic, one must be very careful not to create a comment spam. One may be permanently blocked to post any comment in a website/blog because of this. 

It’s better not to post any comment unless your comment is directly relevant to the topic. 

The alternative advantage of commenting is that even if a boost in direct traffic is not noticed, still the ‘search engine’ is able to observe your link and some traffic is automatically sent to your website or blog. 

#2)Free Tool:Content Aggregators   

A top content aggregator is capable of sending vast traffic to you if you get your site listed with them. A site that collects posts and articles is called an ‘aggregator’ and they usually do have a larger and broader readership base. 

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You may surely expect traffic to your website when a link of your site is posted by you on these immensely popular platforms. But remember, they do not accept just any site and specially if the site is new.

Top 6 Content Aggregators 

 i) AllTop

So far, this site is regarded to be the best content aggregator. This site focuses on collection of articles/posts from the best blogs only and theses articles are listed on a singular platform. So, your articles must be of high quality, uncommon, informative and unique to obtain AllTop’s approval. There are a wide number of niches to select from.

ii) BlogEngage

BlogEngage is a blogging community where all are welcome to submit their articles for exposure, backlinks and traffic. 

This is a strong platform where all can share and publish their quality posts and may be benefited with a surge in traffic. The posts are also linked to popular social media platforms as well.

All articles received here are sent to the upcoming page where users read and vote them on the basis of quality and popularity. Only those posts winning enough votes are published and are found on the home page. 

iii) BizSugar

This site delivers the content to small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs providing them with opportunities for growth.

However, one needs to be active before sharing their own blog links to avoid a ban. For more information visit the above link.

iv) BloKube

This platform was actually created by the blogging community to share and publish good articles on a wide range of niches.

 v) AffDaily 

It’s a free customizable affiliate marketing blog, news and twitter aggregator. This place summarizes new posts and tweets across the popular affiliate blogs and affiliate twitter accounts. 

This is a good place if one wants to work in the affiliate marketing niche. You may also refer to similar type of affiliate marketing aggregators like AffBuzz or Yakezie.

vi) InBound

Inbound focuses on attracting new customers with relevant and helpful contents. With Inbound potential customers find you through blogs, search engines and social media. It’s an ideal place to share and publish blog content on marketing. 

#3)Free Tool:Forum        Marketing 

A great way of marketing your articles and raise blog traffic is to register in various forums and take part in discussion on the topics and niches you are interested in. You may also take part in answering various queries and questions on your subjects. If the readers are satisfied in your answers, more readers will read your answers and in return you will be rewarded with a steady flow of traffic.

Forum marketing is one of the easiest ways of directing traffic to the blog. To make the members of various forums aware of your identity and to ensure frequent visit of the viewers, just pay attention to creating your own and unique ‘Forum Marketing Signature’. Other members will know about your identity from your signature and will also know where they can read more of your articles.

#4)Free Tool:Twitter

Twitter is well known for its innumerable number of daily visitors. Create a habit of making a twit on a regular basis. Over the period one can expect sizeable number of daily visitors to your blog. Many bloggers use various ‘WordPress plug-ins’/automation tools to post urls of their blogs to redirect traffic from twitter to their own blogs.

#5)Free Tool:eBay

eBay is one of the biggest online marketing platform which receives millions of daily visitors. A large chunk of these visitors may be directed to your blog. The trick is very simple. Just post a product at a very cheap or discounted price and post the url of your blog for more information and availability. 

You may be assured a large number of visitors will view your post and click your link to be finally directed to your blog. Other such remarkable platforms that may be used are ‘CraigsList’ and ‘Amazon’.

#6)Free Tool:RSS feed

When your blog is being viewed by a lot of people daily it’s better to add a ‘Email Subscription Form’ to enable the viewers to get notified whenever a new post is published. This is done via an RSS feed. Feed Burner by Google is a popular tool to manage RSS feed. 
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#7)Free Tool:Robot.txt

Robot.txt is a simple code of text saved in the ‘Google Server’ which helps the ‘Web Crawler’ to index your entire blog and show it in the search results.
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#8)Free Tool:Great Content

Writing a great content is the core of everything. Nothing works better to draw huge traffic than a great content. Attractive content encourages visitors to return to your blog repeatedly and also share them in social media. 
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#9)Free Tool: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or writing articles for well known bloggers is a wonderful way of getting more traffic. Guest post should be made only for very popular websites/blogs that draw large number of viewers on a daily basis. 

Nice posts will bring invitation from other bloggers to make more posts leading to more viewers. You can also invite other bloggers to write good content in your blog as well. This will your broaden your viewer base quite a lot. 

#10)Free Tool: Design & Layout

Following the same design and layout for a long time become monotonous to the viewers. The viewers lose interest when they see the same layout and appearance of your blog again and again. 

To get rid of this negative factor, change your template after a few months and use a different ‘seo-friendly’ simple and attractive template. This will help a lot bring new visitors to your blog. Do not forget to customize your template. 
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#11)Free Tool: Google Webmaster       Tools 

The aim of having a reasonable volume of traffic to blog is achieved easily when you submit your blog or website to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’. This facilitates proper indexing quickly and leads to a boost in the volume of traffic. 
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#12)Free Tool: Add A XML Sitemap

A XML Sitemap enables the search engine bot to find all the posts of your blog and index it quickly and efficiently.
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